KOLO VEIDEKKE: A small plant with special features

A road project by KOLO VEIDEKKE in Saudi Arabia

KOLO VEIDEKKE, Aspahlt plant Water is the greatest of elements in nature, being essential to support life of the whole system. Dam construction for collecting the precious water for irrigation or human consumption is therefore necessary in big parts of the world. The company KOLO VEIDEKKE (Norway) has specialised in dam construction using very dense asphalt as a central core in such dams. The asphalt characterised with a high content of bitumen and fines is placed in 20cm layers on top of each other in the centre of the dam. Such dams are now under construction in Saudi Arabia, not far from Jeddah. The first dam, 30 m high is completed and the next one, 100 m high is under construction having so far placed 170 layers on top of each other. It is essential to make and place a 100% water proof asphalt to prevent any leakage of the dam.

The thin asphalt core is the black line in the middle of the dam.

A reliable and precise plant is needed for this particular application. As the required production is not very high, the Marini asphalt plant ULTIMAP1300 B4 E190L was chosen, with the following technical configuration:

  • Cold feeders unit type 100 VI transportable, with 4 compartments, unit cap. 9,6 cu.m.
  • Dryer-drum unit E190L, with dual burner for diesel and heavy fuel oil, and fitted with a recycling ring (due to the required mix temperature over 180 °C)
  • Bag filter FM500/50 and preseparator
  • Screening, weighing and mixing tower ULTIMAP1300, with a 4 meshes screen and 1 additional by-pass. High efficiency screen >95% was required
  • Hot storage under screen, 4 compartments, cap. 12 cu.m.
  • Control cabin & production management automatism; perfect dosing of bitumen content
  • Hot mix asphalt storage by side, cap. 25 cu.m.
  • 200.000 kcal boiler and 1 bitumen tank cap. 50.000 lt
  • Stack-up silo for imported filler and recovered fines, cap. 23+23 cu.m.