Asphalt in Caofeidian island is made by MARINI plant

MAC Asphalt Plant
Caofeidian, located offshore to the south of Tangshan, was a small belt-like alluvial sandy isle formed over 5,500 years ago under the lashing force from inlet flows of the ancient Luanhe River into the sea. It was named after the Caofei Temple used to be built on it.

It is adjacent to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster (only 80km far from downtown of Tangshan, 220km from Beijing, 120km from Tianjin, 170km from Qinhuangdao) and enjoys a well-developed road-railway-seaway integrated transportation system. Now the completed set of infrastructural facilities for water and power supply, transportation and telecommunications in Caofeidian is basically finished.

By doing so, Caofeidian will be gradually developed into a distributing hub of energy and raw materials, a reserve base of commercial energy and world–class heavy chemical industry, and a national-level demonstration area for cyclical economy. It will be and exceed Rotterdam.

Caofeidian Concrete Company Limited, founded in April, 2007, is a professional company specializing in commercial concrete. It has 120 employees and with promising prospect. The first-phase project was corporated by three state-owned companies: Caofeidian Investment Company, accounting for 38% share stock, Tangshan Cement Company, accounting for 32% share stock, and Tangshan Auto Manufacturing Company, accounting for 30% share stock. This project has been put into production in December of 2007 and with qualified commercial concrete production of 600,000 m3 per year.

Marini Asphalt Plant, the high-rank plant for producing commercial asphalt, is taking pleasure to play an important part in the construction of Caofeidian. The newly designed Marini Asphalt Plant MAC320 owned by Caofeidian Concrete Company Limited, is erected here 3km far from North Ring West Road of Caofeidian Industrial Park. It was put into production in June of 2008, with output of 500,000 tons asphalt per year.

Caofeidian Concrete Company Limited, relying on developing Caofeidian Industrial Park and implementation of “eleventh five-year plan” policy, is contributing to ecological economy, cyclical economy and economic-industrial system of Caofeidian and to turning the new page of building Harmonious Society and Harmonious Caofeidian.