MARINI for the Airport Paving Project in Doha

Since discovering huge deposits of oil over the course of the 40s, Qatar – the little state in the Arabic peninsula – has been witnessing a never-ending economic growth.
An expansion which led the Emirate reaching an enviable growth rate (over 10%) in the last decade, thanks to a cautious policy on investment in the field of the big infrastructures.
One of these projects is the new airport in Doha capital city, which inauguration is scheduled in 2010: the number of passengers in transit is expected to pass from 24 millions during the first year to 50 millions in 2015 when the project will be fully accomplished.
The winning bidder in charge for the infrastructures of the futuristic airport is Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC).
The company is contributing to build this strategic asset, fundamental for the growth and the development of the entire area.
CCC is one of the most qualified companies in the field of construction,leader in the Middle-East zone and in charge for the project Package 27 Midfield Area Access System, between the two strips and the main terminal.
More specifically, the awarded project consists in the construction of three tunnels accessing to the terminal (two main tunnels and a service one), taxi ways and cross taxi ways between the passengers boarding and landing terminal.
The total figure, in terms of asphalt production, is huge: over 850.000 tons of asphalt to be produced in 10 months only.
To win such a challenge, Consolidated Contractors Company has committed to use a top quality and high performance asphalt plant; the choice was for MARINI equipment.
The plant is entirely designed in Italy by the renown Italian manufacturer belonging to the French Fayat Group.
The model chosen by CCC, selected among the wide product range under Marini name, was the MAP 320.
A 320 tph plant capable of satisfying the needs of the most exigent contractors having large quantities and a great deal of different hot mixes to produce.
The plant with its 5 cold feeders, an important bitumen heating storage area (ten tanks) and a 220 ton hot mix silo, is providing the required reliability for
the completion of big strategic projects by the scheduled time.
The technical features making the MAP320 a “winning” solution are many and related to the proper design criteria which consider the principals of energy saving, cost reduction and environment safety as priority issues.
The three different hot mix truck loading points have been – for the specific site lay out – one of the key-factors influencing the final choice.
The possibility of loading a truck directly under mixer and another two from the hot mix storage bins, has provided the flexibility required by the contractor when executing complex works.

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